Where you swing golf clubs & draw guns on the same tee box!




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Our Indiana Golf Course & Guns Course

Designed and built by owner and golf hacker Dave Marshall, the self proclaimed championship course "Twin Peaks" at Elk Ridge Ranch is also known as "GOLF & GUNS."

We opened our course to the public in 2003 to much adulation.  At the same time we opened a destination restaurant where we served elk meat as the specialty course.  Golf experts agree that our course was quite possibly one of the worst courses in America.   While the golf course is not for the serious golfer, it's a place where par golfers can have a blast!

Our golf course has been maintained for the owner, his family and his guests to play since 2003. You can rent the course exclusively for a family outing or just come and play during our "open play" dates.

You can arrange martini stations on every hole for private golf outings.  What could you do if the golf course remained 100% private and exclusive just for your group golf outing? The answer for some young bachelors might be golf & guns. 

So here we are now after 11 years of golf parties and nonsense with just friends and family golf outings on our private course.   It's time to open our exclusive track to just a few players per year during our open play dates.   Reservations are a must since we will be hosting many private group outings who will get exclusive use of the course.

We bring a whole new meaning to the term "Shot Gun Start"

Now the course is still quirky.....

  • 9 hole par three (42 to 99 yards) -up to 205 yards...
  • 3 additional holes 150 - 164 - 205 yards- Known as tie breaker tees
  • Clay pigeons shot from the tee boxes after you tee off
  • 100% private- just your group on the course at a time
  • Lunch is included 
  • Safety Caddie and golf instructor included
  • ​Shooting vest to use
  • 12 Gauge Shot Gun provided
  • Short ​Safety course before you play
  • Free pick and return up for any group of golfers

We have made many improvements to our course since 2003.   We added 1000 grape vines in 2006 and created a golf course that winds through the largest semi-organic vineyard in Indiana.  Some fairways are lined with Lavender.  It may be pasture golf, but it smells like lavender here. Twin Peaks at Elk Ridge Ranch is now one of the most difficult and beautiful par three courses that you will ever play. And we are green!  We use the best permaculture practices that we can.

Here in French Lick we have a FEW great courses.....

The Donald Ross Course, a great track- Yet  anyone can  play there. Difficult and entertaining.

PRICES: Check their website.  They're a great course, but they don't have guns.

The Pete Dye Course- An amazing course and anyone with a few bucks  can play that track.  What a course if  you are lucky enough to afford to play it! It's simply breathtaking.

PRICES: Not exactly clear.   I've heard it's pretty pricey.  Regardless- It's worth every penny!  One of the best golf courses in the world much less in Indiana!

So if you have the skills to play the best courses in French Lick, then you'll definitely want the challenge of playing one of the most bizarre golf courses in Indiana

Golf & GunsThe only private golf course in Indiana and one of only five totally non-member, private courses in the USA. Give us a call or e-mail us your request and we will be happy to consider your play. When you play golf here,  you own the entire golf course.  Weekdays and weekends $100.00 plus lunch, ammo, pigeons and a safety caddie golf instructor. 

How to plan the best golf outing in French Lick, Indiana

First,  play The Donald Ross and perhaps, the Pete Dye course.  Then,  come to Golf & Guns for a totally different type of golfing experience.

Great clubhouse available for private parties

In addition to our well maintained course, come and  enjoy the complete "Country-Country Club" lifestyle.  Our "Clubhouse" is a good ole fashioned out west lodge with style!  Post and beam  construction, a huge fire place and a  comfortable place to enjoy a bison burger and a cold drink or two.   Includes men's and women's shower facilities. 

Near French Lick (9 miles from Donald Ross Golf Course)

Of course, the amenities at the nearby French Lick 4-star resort are top shelf and you should enjoy what they have to offer. Whether you're in French Lick for a complete vacation or simply an afternoon on the greens with guns, we're here to make your Golf & Guns experience one worth remembering.

Impress your clients with a unique golf adventure

Trying to close a big deal? Take your client to the Pete Dye course.  Then, bring your client out here to Golf & Guns. When your client returns home, they tell their friends how they played the most amazing Pete Dye course.  Then they will spend the next hour talking about shooting clays off of a tee box on an off-the-wall Indiana farm golf course!  It's a totally different type of golf outing and a course to remember.