Where you swing golf clubs & draw guns on the same tee box!

Golf course and scenery photography by Stacy Linz, Bedford, Indiana.




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The only place where Golf & Guns are on the same golf course

Indiana’s only – Clay Pigeon Shotgun range and 9 hole Par 3 Golf course on the same track.  Located on Elk Ridge Ranch just 9 miles from French Lick. French Lick is home to two well known premier golf courses. Our golf course near French Lick offers a one-of a-kind round of golf. Golf and Guns is not for the serious golfer. We call the game at the golf course here at Elk Ridge Ranch "Golf & Guns" or “Chip & Blast." Yes, there are rules to make this a fun round of golf! Plus, a golf course instructor near French Lick helps make this golf course safe.
At our golf course, golfers tee off the tee box with their golf ball and then shoot clay pigeons with a 12 gauge shotgun from the tee box for the golf and guns combination game. This golf course was private course for just family and friends. Now anything but serious golfers can schedule a game at the ranch for a real fun round of golf! We have a ten-station sporting clays course combined with a nine-hole par three golf course that is open almost all year round - by reservations only. When you say "Fore!" at French Lick Golf & Guns it means "look ahead." The term "fore" comes from a military term "beware before." In the military, artillerymen about to fire would yell "fore" so nearby infantrymen could drop to the ground to avoid shells overhead. Don't worry. We only use clay pigeons here. Our safety team is here to ensure you have a pleasurable game. As you enter our facility, you will notice a laid back, friendly and helpful attitude of our golf club and members. Here when you say you say "carry," it may mean "carry a gun" or it may mean "carry your golf clubs." Need lessons on sporting clays?  Golf & Guns is also home to our golf and shooting range Instructor who is known as Fijo Stepconavitch. Fijo gives both private and group instructions year round.  Just ask in advance and we will schedule a lesson or lessons for you or your group with our golf instructor near French Lick. Golf & Guns hosts Corporate Events at our facility.  Here we serve up a customized program to fit each group’s specific needs so that no matter what the age, gender or experience level of the attendees, everyone can have an enjoyable round of golf.

​ The golf clubhouse can be utilized for pre or post event golf outings. Catering for group golf outings is also available.  See an associate for more details.