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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions About Golf & Guns




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1.   What is clay shooting?

      Clay pigeon shooting is the art of shooting at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets, with a shotgun.

2.   Who is clay shooting suitable for?
       Everyone! Clay pigeon shooting is currently enjoyed by 18 to 80 year olds, both male and female. You don't need any experience of shooting
       at  all, our expert instructors will guide you all the way.

3.   What about safety?
           In any form of shooting SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT. You will receive full instructions on safety from an instructor. Whether you're a complete
           novice with no equipment or an experienced shot the same rules apply. Alcohol must not be consumed before or during shooting.

4.   What sort of shooting can I expect?
          Simply the best. In our superb woodland and vineyard golf course, we can offer you the pleasures of up to 10 Sporting stands and other
​          simultaneous  game shooting. we also have up to 10 beginner or novice stands on any given day.

5.   Can I bring a friend to watch?   
          Of course - Each stand is secure and supervised. So feel free to bring a few friends. You never know?  They will almost certainly want to try
          for this type of golf for themselves. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the shooting grounds. Please leave Rover at home.   

6.   Do I need training?
           No not before you come.  Each group of golfers and shooters will be accompanied by a golf and guns instructor during shooting.        

7.   Can I get refreshments and food?
           Yes. Our meals are delicious we supply every player with a lunch. Each round includes:  A 1/2 lb elk or bison burger, potato salad, a green
           salad, coffee, tea.

8.   Do I need any special clothing?
           No.   We supply ear protection, safety glasses and a shooting vest as part of your package. All we suggest is that you wear sturdy footwear 
​           and bring a light waterproof jacket.

9.  Is it expensive? 
             No, it cost less than the cost less than many activities in French Lick.  Cost is  from $100.00 per person you can come along and enjoy a
             clay pigeon introductory lesson from $100.00 per person. This is for 27 shot gun shots- FYI- you get as many strokes as you like.
             at various targets, 9 to 13 holes of golf on a private golf course (Your group will be only ones on the course.) Lunch is included, as well as
​             an  instructor and caddie. Just the enjoyment of breaking clays for the first time its worth it!

10.   What are your opening times?
             We allow one corporate group per day or four rounds per day for private groups. We only allow one group on the course at a time for both
             safety and privacy reasons. See our page on booking a round for exact times. And if these times dont work for your group, ask us, we will
             try to work with you.
11.   Can I show up and play without reservations?
             Absolutely not! We are a private course not open to the public unless you have reservations and have made a deposit on line.

12.   Do you host group events or corporate events?
             Yes we do, just give us a call and we will help you plan a breakfast, lunch or dinner event.  (Dinners in the vineyard after a golf & gun event
             are  a great time.)

13.   Is alcohol allowed?
            At Golf & Guns alcohol is not permitted on the course if you are shooting it is allowed in our club house after your event. You are welcome to
​            have a meeting in our 10,000 sq ft.  facility.  You may bring your own alchohal to enjoy in the clubhouse after your game.

14.   Can we just play golf without clay pigeon shooting?
​           Yes, you can just play golf if you wish. The price is the same as you are locking down the course as "Private" and your group will be the only
           ones on the course.

15.   What exactly does it mean by "private?"
          What we mean by Private...is this- We are not open to the public except 4 rounds per day or, to corporate groups. Your round or, your group  
          will own the golf course during your round. If a corporate group or other group outing rents the ranch for the day you will own the course for

          the entire day.  No one else will be there except our staff.

16.   How long does it take to play a round of golf?
​           The safety instructions and registration take about 20 minutes and the game itself takes about 2 hours. So, plan to spend about 2 and a half


We hope that we have answered all your questions. If you need more information about Golf & Guns near French Lick Indiana
For group facilities, corporate events or anything else, please contact us by phone on 812-709-0827. We will be pleased to help, and look forward to meeting you at Golf & Guns!



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