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Indiana's First Semi-Organic & Green Golf Course


Since 2003 we have maintained a fairly strict green policy on our course- I guess you could call it our own little experiment.

From the moment that you pull up to the club house you notice that the landscaping is all eatable herbs that surround the front of the building, we use these fresh herbs in the foods that we serve our guests and the organic juices that we make. yea I suppose this is a bit non traditional for a golf course

One of the ways we sum up if we are doing a good job with being green and organic on our little course goes a lot like this.... If we can reach down and cut a large handful of grass and then put it in our juicer then drink it knowing it is clean and healthy, then we feel that we are on the right path with our fairways being green.  And, if you can set your organic, grass fed elk burger down on the fairway while you take your next shot and not worry about what may be in the grass then its a good indicator that the fairways are spray free.

Our fairways are lined with edible fruits and vegetables. The vineyard that winds around the golf course is semi-organic. Our greens are artificial, so we decided on a material that would require no pesticides to maintain them. They look amazing and putt true.

Our goal was a golf course so clean and free of chemicals that  you could eat all semi-organic fruits, grapes and berries along each fairway for the edible golf fee. Holes #3,#4#6 & #8 are completely entertwined in our vineyard, Number # 9 fairway is lined with 200 Lavender plants and there are another 400 Lavender plants around the green. Number eight tee box is literly surrounded by persimmon trees that bear the biggest and sweetest persimmons you have ever tasted.  Next Spring the plan is to have number 6  lined with fruit trees.

We have an onsite "green police" so we know we are doing the right thing for the plants.  This causes some real challenges.   We use a fertilizer that is organically made from a seaweed fish emulsion. The problem with this stuff is the local raccoon population come out and dig up as they are certain the fishy smell means a fish is buried there.  If you're lucky, you'll see one of these racoon bandits on the course.

Speaking of smells in the golf pasture, each year we fertilize our fairways with turkey manure that we get for free from the local  turkey barns that are abundant around these parts.   Although organic and natural, there is a stink involved.  In fact, it might stink until we get a good heavy rain to push it into the soil. Thank goodness we planted the lavender.

Our grounds are also home to our herbal fitness and detox business. Here we assist people in detoxing their bodies with clean, organic green juices and herbs over the course of six to ten days. When we  don't have Guns and Golfers here our fitness clients have access to the golf course where they can play it while detoxing .  It's just one more reason that our golf course must maintain the highest green standards that we possibly can. 

Our vegetable greenhouse is next to number 9 fairway.   Come on in and grab a carrot. Our motto here is "Put the earth back into your diet."

Our goal here is fun....can you eat it and the play the track. It most certainy is not about not  sheer perfection.   It's about sustainability. The real questions regarding a green and organic golf course are:   Could you eat it?  Would you eat it?

It is no suprise on our practices here if you knew us. We maintain a grow rooom on site where we grow our own wheat grass and sprouts. I'll guess that we are the only golf course where you can get a shot of wheat grass juice or a super green smoothie!

Lets be clear here, we are not purists!  Every year we get a get cleaner and a bit greener.   We have a long way to go and may likely never reach perfection. For instance, we are still using some electricity from a coal fired plant. We want to go solar.   

Our goals here remain, continue to live greener, and try to live and operate as a business that uses less resources and causes less damage to the earth. We want to teach others  how they too might make small changes in their business or homes that will positively impact our planet. Take the shot gun shells  that we use on our course for instance.   We use a shell called "Green Lite" . These revolutionary shells do not use any type of plastic wad to hold the shot.   The shot is not lead but environmentally friendly soft steel. This material means that our grounds will not be littered by non- bio-degradeable plastic and harmful lead shot. Let's have a good time in our life's with as little negative impact on planet as possible!