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Our scorecard & a bit more info on the game

Same as a typical Golf Scorecard only different

As you can see by the scorecard below, the score card is easy to follow and fill out. There are a few unique differences to our game over a standard round of golf.

DIFFERENT - You have a shot gun in your golf bag and you shoot this gun from the same tee box that you drive yoour golf ball from. This  

demands a slightly different scoring component to the game. The less times you fire a round the lower the score you will have.   Same  as golf.

DIFFERENT - The other big difference is the challenge holes at the end of your nine. Let's say that you have a draw and you need couple of more holes to determine the best score. Or, perhaps you simply don't want to be beat, so you double down on holes 10 -13. 

BONUS HOLES?  -  Yes.  We have three bonus holes just for tie breakers and double down.    It's no fun to lose!

DIFFERENT - Let's say you really suck at golf and you just want to better your score because you are a good shooter.   Holes 10 thru 13 are for this as well. Like any double down....it will either work for you or it will go bad very quickly for you !

SAME - Combine your strokes per hole with the times you fired a round from the shot gun. This is your score per hole.

SAME - Low score wins

DIFFERENT- When you play a round on our course you and your foursome or your company golf group are the only players on the course during your time of play. This course is yours and yours alone. A  truly private golf course and very exclusive golf course.

DIFFERENT- You are assigned a "Safety Caddy." This may not be different for some of you.  Most golfers don't generally hire a caddy for fear of

 injuring others or yourself.   Of course, you always here the story about the guy who drove his golf cart into the lake.   Here SAFETY is all part of the game.  You won't find any "golf cart submarines" on our course.

Our Scorecard below so that you can understand exactly how we score the game.  Remember:  you will have a safety caddy who can help you with your scorecard if you are not certain on how it works. But trust us ....it's really the same as  a golf scorecard.

Sample Scorecard Here